Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Site assignments and Schedule

Here are proposed site sharing arrangements so you know where to set up when you arrive. Remember...these are SITE sharing, not TENT sharing. Please see the post below on suggestions to make site sharing easier.

19 Ingram, Ballestedt (2 rigs, ..this is where we will be jamming) 3 people total--We will likely squeeze another car in here too
22 Horner, Cole, Onishi 5 people
23 Ogle, Meleo, Fogel (Sat nite only) 6-8 people (So...MAO--there is room for the kids for sure..)
24 Cimino, Stephenson, McMillan 6 people

As far as schedule----
Friday--arrive----jamming after dinner. I've only had one person interested in a pot luck, so we won't do it but how about sharing snacks/dessert after dinner?

Saturday 11 AM workshop at site 19 with Rick.
Who's up for a "teach a tune" at around 1:30? If we can get 3 people to teach a tune, that would be fun. Kris? Mike? Matt??
You'd spend 20 minutes teaching a tune to a small group--then we rotate. If someone needs more time, they stay with one "teacher"
Talent show (dulcimer and non dulcimer) aprox 7 PM

Sunday--tune sharing and departure

Let me know if you have questions or suggestions

Monday, August 10, 2009

About the Campsite

We are at the Beckler River Campground. The turnoff is approximately 0.8 miles East of Skykomish. It is a paved road all the way.

We have sites 19, 22, 23 and 24.

I will be working on site assigments which keep in mind the size of the party and the size of the tent, so check back here for information. I will also e mail this to the nwhds mailing list. Let me know if you have special needs or requests.

The site is rustic. Pit toilets, water must be carried to your site. No hookups.

We will be sharing 2-3 tents or rigs per site. Camp chairs are a must. Camp tables will be helpful in addition to your regular camping and dulcimer gear. Please plan only one tent per family/party.

There is at least Verizon cell service at the site. The camp hosts are very nice and excited to work with us. There is a deli type store about a mile away, on Highway 2. It is not a full grocery store--kind of an overgrown mini-mart.

We did not check out river access, but websites about the site say that there is such so if you wanna swim or float, I think that is an option.

Watch this site for camping assignments and for a schedule. Post questions here or send via e mail.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beckler River Campground

The washed out portion of Icicle Creek Road is not yet open, so we had to seek another site yet again.
We found some campsites together at Beckler River Campground off Highway 2 near the town of Skykomish.
Here's a review of the site:

The Beckler campground has large campsites that are big rig friendly, but most of the sites are isolated making tent camping fun. Many of Beckler's sites are located on the Beckler River. Both the camproad and many of the camp spurs are paved giving the campground a nice clean look. 40% of the campsites are first come - first serve, but all sites are available to the walk camper if they are not reserved. The campground is quiet as compared to it more popular but louder neighbor, Money Creek. Beckler is about two miles away from the main highway and about three miles from the little train depot/ski town of Skykomish. While there you might try out one of the old time hotel restaurants that are popular in the area. Access to the Beckler River is easy and there is plenty of shade to keep off the mid summer sun.

UPDATED for 2009

Hello friends
I'm working on getting this updated for our '09 gathering.

More later!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Post your ideas for fun things to do on this thread by making a comment.

We will have a talent show/open mike combo on Saturday.

Should we have a "share my dulcimer" session where we get to talk about our indivdual instruments and test each other's out?

Have a formal time to have members "teach a tune"?

Descend upon Leavenworth and do a mini jam?

Would love to hear your thoughts!

Reserve Here!

If you are coming, post your reservation here by making a comment.
Please plan to bring $25 per tent you plan to use with you to the festival.

If you'd rather not register to make a comment on this blog, e mail and I will post for you so we can track who is coming.



From the West take Highway 2 East through Monroe and then over Stevens' Pass. The Tumwater campground is approximately 20 miles east of the top of Stevens' pass, on the left side of the highway.

From the East take Highway 2 West through Leavenworth. The campground is 10 miles west of Leavenworth on the right hand side of the highway. From the South take Highway 97 North to Highway 2. Take Highway 2 West through Leavenworth. The campground is 10 miles west of Leavenwort on the right hand side of the highway.

We will be in one of the "loops" and will have the loop to ourselves. Look for the signs or listen for the music!